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Clinician Limited is proud to provide high-quality CBD products through intentional relationships with state pharmacy associations across the country. We collaborate with licensed healthcare professionals integrating CBD products to enhance the lives of patients. We also provide education on CBD counseling to ensure practitioners are aligning CBD usage with a comprehensive patient care approach.  Although CBD education and products are the immediate focus; we will continue to identify and expand our offering of products and services to lead marketplace evolution.

Our products are only available through independent clinicians throughout the USA.  This means we do not sell directly to the consumer.  Please contact us if you are a medical provider, need additional information, and would like a Clinician Limited Sales sheet with wholesale pricing.

First orders can be on a 30-day consignment basis (e.g., you do not pay anything until after your first 30 days). The first order also includes a free marketing display (shown below).  All subsequent orders are made through the Provider Log in portal above.   


If you are a provider and wish to participate in the consignment program, please email  If you wish to order without the consignment program, please use the Provider Sign-up at the top of this page to register.  Signing up will give the provider instant access to ordering products.

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